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JAV HD Only appeared 10 seconds on television but this girl has won the hearts of many football fans.

Recently, the Vietnamese community suddenly shared a picture of a beautiful girl JAV HD Online praying hand-in-hand during the Vietnam-Macau match on July 21 at Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City. too.

Although only appeared 10 seconds on television but the delicate face, white skin, high nose bridge along with the lovely JAV HD Model expression of the girl quickly “conquer” the hearts of football fans. .

This girl JAV HD Sex named Dao Thi Thuy Dung, 24 years old now living in Ho Chi Minh City. Thuy Dung is nicknamed “Little Dwarf”, this 9x girl is not so strange to the football fans of Saigon, especially fans of the Real Madrid team.

Born in 1993 JAV HD Streaming, a passionate football girl, started as a Real Madrid fan from 2007-2008. The idol of 9X is former captain of Real – Iker Casillas. Iker left Real 2 years ago, but her love for “White Vulture” has not changed.

Thuy Dung shared, she does not remember the moment appeared on the television was recorded when, only know when the network has seen many fanpage posted his picture. After appearing on television, the number of Facebook followers increased dramatically.

Most of the internet for young girls praise the beauty and love football. Some commented that the act of clasping her chin was like praying while U22 Vietnam was leading the way.

In addition to sports enthusiasts, Thuy Dung also likes to eat and travel. Sharing about his plans, 9X revealed she wanted to save money to go to Madrid as soon as possible, into the traditional Real room and watch the idol club compete.

Upcoming, Dung wants to be accompanied by U22 Vietnam to participate in the SEA Games.