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JAV HD Immediately prior to the finals, the Organizing Committee of the Southern California Competition 2017 confirmed that a contestant in the final round was disqualified for using illegal high school.
Vo Nguyen, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Nam Bo Flower Competition in 2017, said that on July 22, the organizers of the contest officially contested N.T.L.P. (SN 1993, hometown of Tien Giang) out of the final round of the competition.

According to Nguyen, candidate N.T.L.P. Disqualified due to use of illegal high school JAV HD Online, not in accordance with the regulations that the organizers of the contest.

“Responsibility of the Organizing Committee only receives the number of candidates submitted. The fact that the document is correct or wrong is from the JAV HD Sex police, “Nguyen said.

Mr. Nguyen also said that this error is the individual contestants, not related to the Department, this also does not affect the contest.

In addition, two candidates have withdrawn from the final JAV HD Streaming round for personal reasons. Thus, the finalists of the South of Flowers 2017 only 27 candidates left.

The organizers of the contest said that the prizes were awarded in the final of the contest in the South of Vietnam in 2017, including: The Southern Flowers of 2017 will be rewarded with 100 million VND in cash, crown worth 200 million VND , Certificate of title, gift from the sponsor is permanently owned luxury apartment worth 2.5 billion.

Meanwhile, Asia 1 is rewarded with 70 million VND in cash, certificate of title; Asia 2 reward 50 million in cash, certificate of title.

In addition, the Organizing Committee also handed out a number of additional awards, each with a prize of 20 million (including cash, gifts and certificates of honor) such as: Long dress, beautiful women, Beautiful people, beautiful people, tourists, most beautiful people are favorite (vote via SMS), …

It is expected that the final ranking of the Southern Flowers of 2017 will take place at 20h on July 22nd at Can Tho Cultural Center.