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Abdomen is pregnant with JAV HD a large ambulance while her husband is seriously ill, Ms. Huyen to work as a hired to starving children from hunger. Not enough money for surgery, the condition of heart failure is heavier, his life is fading away in the despair of his wife and children.
Looking forward to living to meet the baby coming soon

JAV HD Online, a native of Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa, who is a roommate, encouraged him to eat the donut box at the hospital. Have a chance, a serious illness, eat bread, how can live? Gradually sit up, lean body man, pale skin, hands shaking trembling hands say thank you. He is Le Ngoc Thuan (38 years old, living in Dak Nong Province) is alone against death in bed.

Information from Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Department of Cardiac Vascular Surgery, 175 Military Medical Hospital said: Anh Thuan was transferred to local hospital JAV HD Sex on July 6 in the state of weak body, Coal pain in the chest with shortness of breath, fatigue when moving. The results showed that patients with mitral stenosis, 3-leaf valve was very severe at grade III heart failure. More dangerous, the blood in the atrium JAV HD Streaming of patients with blood clots, the risk of congestion leading to strokes at any time.

Faced with the patient’s condition, the hospital has performed surgery to repair or replace the mitral valve, reset the tricuspid valve and remove the blood in the atria. However, the cost to carry out the surgery up to 120 million, after deducting the insurance patients have to pay more than 60 million, excluding the cost of postoperative JAV HD Censored.

JAV HD Uncensored The minimum amount to carry out the operation as a double burden on Mr. Thuan’s body. “I asked you to borrow but not, his wife is selling the house but no one bought, if only sold half of the surgical operation but sold the wife and children know where. I was hospitalized a few days better and then get a doctor to go home. I hope to live to see the child is still in the belly of his wife, the more hope to live with his wife care for the children but it is too difficult.