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Wife desperate to believe his father

JAV HD The historic flood in 2008 in Ha Tinh has washed away the house, cattle, rice, beans of Mr. Thuan’s family. Fortunately escape from the clam by bamboo and rescue people but the life of his family fell into misery, leaving his father in the countryside, he also with three other brothers in Dak Nong, Binh Duong Livelihood In Dak Nong, he meets with compatriot Nguyen Thi Huyen (32 years old) and immigrating to the South.

Along the poor land without production JAV HD Sex, so the life of Mr Thuan and his wife have many difficulties. End of hired to go back to the forest to collect bamboo shoots, get them to sell, try to accumulate they also bought the land deep in the village to build a wooden shelter against rain. With the hope of escaping poverty, they borrowed VND120 million to buy more than 2 sao of coffee.

After seven years, the wife JAV HD Online became husband, so far they have had three children Le Ngoc Thang (2011); Le Xuan Mai (2013) Le Ngoc Tram (2014). Not know how to prevent pregnancy, she again pregnant Huyen pregnant baby is nearly 6 months of pregnancy. Abdominal laborers, heavy laborers, frequent exposure to toxic chemicals (herbicides, pesticides), do not want his wife to “sip” the drug to lose children, so he I work hard to feed 5 mouths to eat. The work force has caused him secondary heart disease knocked down, after months of treatment but increasingly severe illness, he had to go to JAV HD Uncensored Hospital 175.

Husband hospitalized JAV HD Censored, to have money to buy rice for children, Huyên although the belly has grown but still have to dig the coffee pit, broadcast scene, implants. With the income of more than 120,000 VND per day, meals for the children are very difficult, so the cost of treatment for her husband is not power. Last week, she was happy to have someone in the village agree to loan her 50 million dong for her husband’s surgery, she reported him to the doctor to schedule surgery. However, when the red book of the land more than 2 sao, she and her husband had lent money to pay the seller, the lender had refused to fear because she has nothing to pay.

The wife is choked: “The foreigners are all old, all poor brothers, only help a few hundred thousand, the cost of meals and hospital visit expensive so during her husband’s hospitalization to date, he is On the bed. Young children, can not leave, love husband but I can do nothing. JAV HD Streaming Every night, you ask him not to return home that his heart writhing, do not know he has the opportunity to get back to you.

Talking to reporters, Mr. Luong Van Phuong, head of Tan Binh village, Dak Lak commune, Dak Mil district, Dak Nong province said: Mr. Thuan’s family is a new locally settled, very difficult life. Mainly for hiring. Now he has serious disease, but the cost of treatment is too expensive so the family can not worry. Our locals are looking forward to share with the people and help him to have a chance to return to his wife and children.