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JAV HD still owns the beauty of the title as a teenage girl despite her age at 39. The famous actress still makes the opposite person can not take her eyes even light makeup and poses in the swimming pool during the holiday. With friends recently.

JAV HD Online, one of the pearls of the age-old beauty of entertainment Taiwan. She is famous for Taiwanese idol dramas.
Chen Qiao En was a member of a girl group before turning to acting and succeeding in the field.
Chen Qiao En owns small appearance. Taiwanese movie star said that it is to help her advantage over her age. Chen Qiao En likes to go to the gym, travel, read books in his free time.
At age 39, Chen Qiao En still maintains a small physique, smooth skin, flawless and youthful face.
In the new photos taken during a holiday with friends, JAV HD Sex made fans admire for her beauty is not her age. The secret of beautiful people is to train hard, live with passion and love life.
Chen Qiao En is still single and waiting for the prince of his life. She had a “noisy” love affair with Hu Jianshi, the husband of actress Lin Zhong. Chen Qiao En is the only pink ball that Hankyuan has admitted to having sex before he married actress Lin.
In the close-up pictures, Chen Qiao En is still pretty young to the surprise.
Beauties show off the scene in an outdoor fashion shoot.