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Justice shared, he is sometimes jealous of the “Emperor” Emperor Quoc Khanh because his role is mostly sitting, occasionally say a sentence JAV HD. Xuan Bac’s “Nam Cao” is acting with his appearance, while Gong Li just has to dress up for femininity, his voice must be waist.

It can be said, the role of Bac Dau in the program Meet the end of the year – Garlic has become a private brand mark of meritorious merit. Sharing with Dan, the comedian said that he is happy to go out on the street, many viewers do not call him by his real name but remember him nicknamed “Miss Dau.”

JAV HD, the meritorious justice is the one who suggested to the team to contribute to building a “feminine girl”, rocky, sour, … as now.

Sticking with the Apocalypse for 14 years, Meritorious Artist Cong Ly said excitedly: “I have to love, I can do but I just finished, it would not be as effective as this.” However, the long period of time is only responsible for a role that sometimes makes him tired.

At one point, he joked with the director that he would change his role, let him be made an apple, not the Blue Dipper anymore.

JAV HD Sex, the audience is excited to see the image” Miss Dau “like. All the teams try to make this character more and more perfect according to the wishes and expectations of the audience, and it is a pressure.

Actually this role is very tiring and I have to be very, very trying to accomplish it every year. As Bac Dau, I have to try not only on strength but also wisdom. Say that, but each time finished the audience is interested, the audience concerned, that is the motivation for next year I continue to “rush into” this role, “Justice expressed.

Justice said, to participate in the Quan, his role has to stand for 3-4 consecutive hours on stage, so there was a time he “jealous” with his co-star.