Woman Fraudulently Obtains Benefits to Fund Bingo and Other Luxury Items

It’s embarrassing when we hear that one of our fellow bingo players misuse the system to fund a habit at casino online Malaysia. Last week, there was a story at Facebook tells the story of a woman who did just that. She lied to receive government funding, which she used not only to play bingo but also to purchase other luxury items. 51-year-old Lee Kim Lian cheated the government out of more than RM10,000 in benefits to support her bingo cruise, holidays and tickets to football events. Lee has recently been confined to 15 months in jail after it was discovered that she had falsified forms to achieve benefits money over the course of 8 years. She denied being part of the household with father of her two daughters.


   She also assert that was not receiving financial support from him despite his full time job. He was not blind to Lee’s deception as the pair took comfortable holidays together and she played bingo two times a week at online casino Malaysia. He also managed to his share of the fraudulently access cash to buy season football tickets for not only him but his daughter and grandson. He also bought tickets to pursue the UEFA Champions League across Europe during away games. Lee has a daughter with special needs and abused that fact to claimed RM5716 from the Department for Work and Pensions from October 2005 to March 2013. The fraud didn’t stop there as she also fraudulently access RM2000 in housing and council tax benefits during that time. Based on the total, Lee stole a big amount from the government and she was imprison in September 2015 and confined yesterday to 15 months in jail. There are many would love such a lifestyle but can’t afford it. Lee keep telling that she lived alone with her two daughters and no other adult. She repeatedly declared there was no change in her situations, all while Alexander Brown was there, driving a mobility car, working and going on family holidays.

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Live casino Malaysia – MBA66 – Promotions

General Promotions Terms And Conditions

  • Every offer from this live casino Malaysia is restricted to just one free open account per email address, telephone number, bank account, individual, family, household address, and IP address.
  • Every offer from MBA66 is just valid for members that register with exact information (Date of birth, First name, Last Name, Contact number, etc.)
  • This live casino Malaysias offers are intended just for recreational players and MBA66 might in the casino’s sole discretion limit the eligibility of players to take part in any bonus.
  • This live casino Malaysia has the right to alter, terminate, or amend this bonus, or any aspect of it, without prior notice and at any time. All Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Rules of MBA66 are all applied.
  • Malaysia online casino - appropriate choice for players who want to have the new experience of gaming
  • Where any term of the promotions or offers have not been fulfilled by eligible account holders, are abused, breached, or there is any evidence of a bets series which are placed by group of customers or a single customer, which due to a deposit promotion or any other promotional offer resulted in guaranteed cplayer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether as part of a group or individually, this live casino Malaysia has the right to cancel, withhold, or reclaim the promotion plus all winnings. Besides, this live casino Malaysia has the right to levy an administration charge on the customers up to the value of the deposit promotion to cover any administrative cost.

1. Sportsbook Unlimited Rebate 0.25%

  • Every active member is entitled to 0.25% cash rebate on their entire amount wagered just in all Sportsbook.
  • The least payout for the cash rebate is MYR 6 and there would be no maximum payout limit. No rollover necessary for withdrawal.
  • All bets on draw result, cancelled or voided games or bet on both opposite sides would not be taken into the amount’s calculation wagered in Sportsbook. Bets placed that contains choices of odds less than 0.5 or 1.50 are Decimal odds. The rollover would be counted just ½ of the betting amount for any result ended with lose or win by ½ amount.
  • The rebates amount would be credited into the MAIN WALLET of members’ accounts automatically every Tuesday.
  • This live casino Malaysia has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.
  • General Terms of Use and Promotions Terms & Conditions apply.

2. Slot Games Unlimited Rebate 0.3%

  • Every active member of this live casino Malaysia is entitled to 0.3% cash rebate on their entire amount wagered in every slot game only.
  • The least payout for the cash rebate is MYR 6 and there would be no maximum payout limit. No rollover necessary for withdrawal.
  • The casino has the full right to cancel this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.
  • General Terms of Use and Promotions Terms & Conditions apply.

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Slot highway king – some tips that make you become a winner

When referring to the betting category, most of the players in the world are thinking of Playtech. For a long time, Playtech has been known as a prominent name which provides innovative betting games in the world. Among the great products of the Playtech, the betting game that is probably the most prominent maybe is highway king. Slot highway king is a betting game with transportation theme. Coming to this game, you will be immersed in a new world of betting and the opportunity to win great prizes. So, are you ready to participate in highway king?

About Slot highway king

Highway king belongs to casino online Malaysia. Casino online Malaysia is a collection of over one hundred and fifty great betting game which not only offers from the leading suppliers in the world, but also they are monitored and managed by government. So, when you choose highway king to join and relax, you can be assured of quality, safety and the award of this game. Unlike other games out there are not reputable which can fool you, this game will give you the big prize.

How to prepare to play Slot highway king 

To be able to play this game in a great way, first, you have to read and remember everything related to the game from the rules to symbols. In betting games, unexpected situations often happen, if you know and understand the things of this game, you will be able to react quickly before the situation and have the appropriate betting choice: stop the game or continue to participate. This is a requirement if you want to participate in this game most effectively.

Next, you should try to play the game before you start playing in a formal way. Each wed that supplies this game is sure to give you a trial or a demo version. Do not ignore it. It is a free opportunity for you to get acquainted with this game.

Third, you should limit your account which you use to bet. You should only bet in that range, which helps you protect your pocketbooks because when you are in the process of betting, you can not control the amount of money to bet, and you can bet the entire your money. This is not good. You can lose all your money, instead of betting all your money, limiting account gives you more opportunities to play this game in next times.

Lastly, you should set up a bank account with a strong password carefully. This is the basis for the implementation of the transaction between you and the banker, so, a bank account carefully will help you protect your pocketbook to the maximum extent possible. So keep your eye on this.

In conclusion

If you memorize and grasp four above things, you certainly can begin to participate in this game easily and efficiently. So what else do you hesitate? Slot highway king is a great betting game and if you take it, your chances of winning will become very large. Let’s join right now and have fun.

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Casino Online Malaysia – MBA66 – Terms Of Use


Termination, Account Closure, Or Forfeiture
This casino online Malaysia has the right, in its sole discretion, to void any winning and forfeit any balance in customers’ betting accounts, to terminate the agreement or/and to suspend the provision of the deactivate/services your account if: 

  • This casino online Malaysia identifies that customers have more than 1 account with them;
  • Casino-online-malaysia-10
  • Customers are in breach of herein, the services’ provision any term of this agreement;
  • The provider of this casino online Malaysia are aware that customers have played at any online gaming website or service and are suspected of collusion, fraud (including in relation to charge-back) or improper or unlawful activity;
  • Customers’ registration information is misleading or incorrect;
  • Customers failed to offer the identification information requested;
  • Customers are not of legal age;
  • Customers have “charged back” or caused a “charge back” against this casino online Malaysia or denied any purchase or deposit that customers made to their account;
  • Customers have allowed (unintentionally or intentionally) someone else to use their account;
  • Customers are depositing money originating from criminal or other unauthorized or illegal activities;
  • Customers fail to disclose that they are located in Turkey, Taiwan, Switzerland, Singapore, Philippines, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and the United States Of America;

If the Services’ provision is suspended or/and customers’ account is deactivated in accordance to the terms herein, the Services’ provision would only be reinstated or/and customers’ account reactivated after the needed rectification (if capable of being rectified) action has been taken by customers and such rectification has been verified to the full satisfactions of the casino. 

Malaysia online casino - appropriate choice for players who want to have the new experience of gamingThis casino online Malaysia retains authority over the maintenance, issuing, and closing of users accounts. The decision of the management of the casino as regards to any aspect of customers’ account, use of the Site or the Services, is final and shall not be opened to appeal or review. This casino online Malaysia therefore has the right to close customers’ account for any reason at any time. The provider of the casino gives customers reasonable notice before doing so, unless circumstances dictate that the provider practically or legally could not do so. 

Breach Of Agreement And Indemnity
Without prejudice to any other right, if customers breach in part or in whole any provision contained herein, this casino online Malaysia has the right to take such action as it sees fit, such as terminating this agreement, instantly blocking customers’ access to the Site and the Services, terminating customers’ account with MBA66.com, seizing every mony held in the relevant account of this casino online Malaysia and/or taking legal action against customers. 
Customers agree to fully hold, defend, and indemnify harmless MBA66.com and its affiliates, licensors, licensees, officers, employees, shareholders directors, and subsidiaries from and against all costs, losses, damages, liabilities, demands, claims, and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges whatsoever.


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How to play the Great Blue slot game

Great Blue slot is a slot game that has a lot of features such as wilds, scatters and bonuses. The theme of this game is the ocean’s depths and players will have a chance to experience an exciting underwater life. Moreover, the players always try playing with the hope of getting double winnings or winning any of the cash prizes. In the Bonus round, players will have to make a new mission by collecting white pearls which are be able to help them earn 8 free spins x 2 multiplier or 33 free spins x15 multipliers.

Opinion of adult about playing great blue slot.

  1. How To Play

The aim of this slot is to get winning combinations by simply revolving the reels. In order to start the Great Blue slot game, firstly you click on the “Click To Change” option in order to set a proper wagering denomination. Next, you have to make a choice of the Paylines and the Line Bets. In case you decide to select a high payline, all of the lower paylines will be selected as well. The “Bet Max” option allows all the paylines with the betting per line at the highest level. The total bet in each round is calculated as following: Total Bet= active paylines x Line Bet. The” Spin” revolves the reels with the current line bets. The wins are calculated as following: Line Win= Line Bet x corresponding multiplier that depends on the chosen paytable. The Scatter Win in Great Blue slot  is calculated: Scatter Win= Total Bet x corresponding multiplier that depends on the chosen paytable.

  1. Some Main Features

Payouts are shown on the screen of Paytable. Winning combinations have to be set off from left-most reel and the symbols in Great Blue slot have to be continuous. Your winning= the payout x line bet. In case two winning combinations turn up on the same line, you will be awarded with a higher payout. In case you pick more than one active payline that contains a winning combination, your winnings in Great Blue slot will be increased. Especially, the Wild symbols can take place of any of the other symbols, except for Scatter symbols and Bonus. You should make use of this feature of Great Blue slot  to create the highest winning combination. Additionally, there is a particular payout for Wild symbols on an active payline. The Scatter symbols must not turn up on a separate payline. If there are three or more Scatter symbols in your results, you will earn an extra winning. The payout for Scatter symbols will be multiplied by your total betting.

When you access the bonus round of Great Blue slot, you will be awarded 8 free spins x2 multipliers immediately. With these free spins, the coin sizes, line bets and line number will be played before the bonus round finishing. In case there are three or more Scatter symbols turn up on your reels, you will be awarded an additional prize with 15 free spins over your existing spins. And your win multiplier keeps the same as well. Also, you have to pick two sea shells to get more free spins and multipliers. Your additional winning multiplier will involve in all of your wins in the free spins.

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Casino online malaysia which makes all your wishes for a best online casino can come true

Recently, Casino online malaysia has become a habitual name with players around the world who have an endless fascination with the game of gambling. Casino online malaysia becomes the first choice of the players when they have the need to look for and participate in. To select a game of Casino online malaysia is too easy, but to select a matching game which if you play it, you will win the greatest prize it really is a big challenge. However, you do not need to worry too much. Some following instructions will help you in choosing a suitable game for yourself and join it a most efficient way.

First of all, you must have a general understanding of Casino online malaysia. Before selecting Casino online malaysia to relax after a hard working day, you must know: Casino online malaysia is not a game it is a collection of over one hundred and fifty great online casino games which are provided and developed by the well-known software providers in the world. It is no coincidence, Casino online malaysia become favorite choice of the players. To get this success, the games of Casino online malaysias are really the best online casino games which are invested both in design and quality.

Casino online malaysia

Next, some things you should pay attention to playing the game of Casino online malaysia in the most effective way. The first is related to the selection of a suitable game. A matching game is something of great significance in your victory. When you play a game that suits your level, your tastes, you’re sure to play it much more effective than playing a game does not suit your style. Therefore, to be able to find for yourself the most appropriate game, you need to choose very carefully. You should consult the previous players and try to play your game- a reputable supplier will certainly give you a trial.

After selecting a suitable game, the next important task is to read your instructions, descriptions and rules of the game carefully and try to remember them. This helps you understand your game. When you understand it, grasp it, your chances of winning will be higher. Do not skip this step. There are many people who ignore it because they think it’s not necessary and it’s the same as taking part in real casino. Of course, they are wrong. It is an online casino, not a real casino. If you do not understand it, you will be hard to win for yourself a winning.

The last thing you need to pay attention to become a smart punter is you should limit the amount of your gambling. This means that, in the course of playing the game of Casino online malaysia, you are only limited funds to play in which you set out before. Playing within the limits that will help you protect your pocketbook.

Do you see? Just remember some instructions above, you can easily choose for yourself a suitable online casino of Casino online malaysia, join it regularly and win some winning. It’s easy. With Casino online malaysia all your wishes for a great online casino can come true. Let’s start with us

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Opinion of adult about playing great blue slot

There are many causes of great blue slot gaming addiction, but according to my own

experience, it`s the people around is the most direct cause, attracted the most and longest

Cuan for gaming in general and online gaming say private. By Pham The Anh Send to:

Board Computers Title: So what led to the game addictive great blue slot games, it

makes it entertaining, creative and figure out how to do and where to promote creativity,

proficiency … Before, I was also addicted to the game.

Opinion of adult about playing great blue slot.

Time was in school friends was the promotion, my motivation to play games. After a few times hanging out with friends

after playing great blue slot game, I found I was the loser for playing bad, very much

less than playmates. From then on in I always leads to conflicts about yourself: I like you,

same school, same age, but why should poor them … With such initial thoughts gradually

ingrained in my subconscious without realizing it. We can say gaming as well as any

games which always has to have friends come together: first they guide you, the second is

with the same player, the third is to have competitors …. and there are many other

reasons. In everyday conversation between friends the same age, often there are questions

that encourage you to admire or nature embroiled in games are always shown. Also the

restaurant game, every Internet shop grows everywhere especially near areas where many

pupils and students (those who play the game the most) as well as the cause of the game.

Psychology parents fear their children often play much better not give out consistent

game. Bored something people usually go to the pub game, then all those who have high

curiosity, exploring and friends dragged Above are some reasons why people get

addicted to the game. All are just daily living habits, characters of every human being


During the meal, the daily conversations, parents should equip children with knowledge

to distinguish moral good is bad. Also because of the attention that parents can promptly

detect different manifestations where children in the use of money, time, mood swings,

impaired learning outcomes.

There should be a program of learning to live harmoniously, working, eating, sleeping

and entertainment for children. Since this is the cognitive treatment of addicts to change

the key of the human heart is: love, patience, listening to young children.

Encouraging and enabling children to participate in forms of community entertainment,

play group for interactive education as camping, sightseeing … Finally, to guide children

to a better life pretty new at this major durables keep avoiding relapse.

For children who descends into great blue slot game addiction should be aware that the

disease is age, to empathize with them and have healing methods are comprehensive, not

bullying, rebuked or surrender. Need isolate children with games, but not locked in tight

or confined. Do not cause them psychological as criminals because really we only

cognitive malfunction.

Drug rehabilitation centers but also necessary if no change in the way families live, how

awareness, educating children, care for the young, the withdrawal is not effective, the

child may relapse. Therefore, the most important is the family environment, and this is a

long process to help them return to normal living environment in an atmosphere of love

and respect.

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Great Blue Slot free game


If you are looking for an online slots game with the possibility of getting massive payout with bet multipliers of up to 33x, Great Blue slots game is the best choice for you.

Short history

Great Blue slots game is one powered online slot game promoted by Playtech which is available in a large number of casinos using Playtech software. You may have guessed from reading some of the articles already on Casinos Online Malaysia that we really do like Playtech Slots. Well Great Blue slot is one of the reasons why.


The whale symbol of Great Blue slot plays an important role in acting as a wild that could be stacked; therefore, increasing your possibility of winning. Besides, the clams in Great Blue slots game are scatters, meaning that hitting three or more clams will send you off the feature bonus round in which 33x multiplier can be obtained.

Notes on online gambling

Great Blue Slots – Overview

Great Blue slots game is a 25-pay-line and 5-reel online slot that creates great fun to play. Great Blue slot contains features stacked wilds and scatters which trigger the bonus round whenever three or more are hit. In addition, the wild card symbol is illustrated by a Killer Whale called Great Blue. This is a stacked wild appearing on any reel and any of the 25 pay-lines, which are available to play.

The scatter symbol is defined as a pink clam, which triggers the Great Blue Bonus Round when showing up three or more times on any spin. Great Blue slot is evaluated as a medium to high volatile slot game, implying the payouts can be really expensive. However, players face trade-off here. It means that the higher the variance the Great Blue slots game is, the higher the tendency for your fund to be eaten away quickly.

The attributes of Great Blue slot which is generated by hitting three or more calms in a single spin is the truly fantastic part of Great Blue. Apparently, is one of the main reasons why it is still evaluated as one of our favorite slots available to play online.

Once triggered, you are driven to a screen whereby you are required to pick two clams out of a choice of five clams to select from. Inside each clam are additional spins and bet multipliers. Hence, you are able to gain up to 33 free spins and a multiplier of 33. In addition, the Great Blue stacked wild also features in the free spins round, making your feasible win from the free spins round 100x or more.

However, the drawback should be mentioned here is that it will take 600 or more spins to hit the free games round. So make sure you bear this in mind.

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Progressive Video Poker from Microgaming and Playtech

When players of online betting Malaysia, they will think of winning a progressive jackpot, they always think of slot machines. But, the online betting Malaysia that provide players with the chances to win a progressive without having to play slot machines.

Video poker games in online betting Malaysia offer superb progressive jackpots while offering a great game of video poker to players. With these games, players can use standard video poker strategies as they play for their possibility to win a massive payout with a progressive. A small portion of every wager will supply to the jackpot and when it is won, it will be reset to a seed level.

Progressive Video Poker from Microgaming and Playtech

Microgaming is the leading software provider for online betting Malaysia and there are two progressive video poker games that can be played. One is SupaJax, which is a game that is based on Jacks or Better. To win the progressive with this game, players will have to bet five coins and the creed of the game is set at RM1. The game uses 53 cards, which includes a special SupaJax card the progressive is won when players get four jacks and the SupaJax card. The second progressive video poker game from Microgaming is Jackpot Deuces. This game uses set as wild cards and the progressive is won when a player creates a Royal Flush in diamonds. This jackpot is hot every three weeks or so and pays an average of RM35,000. For those that prefer games from Playtech, there are some great progressive selections. One is a 10 Line Jacks or Better game. Though 10 hands can be played, the progressive is only won when players get a Royal Flush on the first hand.

The other game is Megajacks and it is based on Jacks or Better. With this game, any Royal Flush hand will offer the progressive jackpot as long as players have placed the maximum bet. In online betting Malaysia, this jackpot is normally hit every day and offers a lower payout at around RM1500 with each hit. Video poker fans will enjoy these four selections from the top two software providers in the industry. Not only will players enjoy the payouts from the standard game and pay table and also have amazing chances to become the next jackpot winner playing one of these great titles.

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Notes on online gambling


In past, you have to go to in the Genting Casino Malaysia to play game. Today, you just need to stay at your home to enjoy the best casino online malaysia any more. But there is something you need to know about Online Casino.

  1. Due to the nature of gambling, online betting, companies often require players to provide their personal information. Therefore, players need to confirm which their personal information may be safe or not. Players need to learn about the privacy policies of the company, the specific measures, the commitments and responsibilities of the parties.
  1. All transactions of gambling, betting are indirect, so gambling player, betting in this way to confirm whether the transfer of funds to the account as well as how much to bet, as well as transaction history can be saved and searchable. Doing this can help players track and manage spending norms, their own bet.
  2. The company has agreed to the players learn about their affiliate network or not, in case you want to stop playing, then you need to complete the formalities for the right process or not?
  3.  Most important addition that the gambling, online betting should do is check to see games as well as the rules have been explained bet explicitly or not.

The information put online casinos need to be read carefully and understand clearly, including the rate of profit, provisions on the commission … If after reading the player still has some questions, you can contact the customer care department for more information.

Notes on online gambling

Customer care department of the company gambling, online betting is regarded as “the face of the company”, so service attitude, speed feedback … can be signs to players assessment of the level of professionalism of the company you want to join the game.

I hope few things above are helpful for you. Visit us at mass889.com to know more about gambling or play at the best casino online malaysia website with many gambling games from Baccarat, Poker, Roulette … to Slot game, Cockfight, highway king slot free play, great blue free slot … Just sign up to play and test your luck. Good luck!



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